Homes for Heroes

As a Homes for Heroes® Affiliate, I’m often asked: “What is it?” or “Is it only for military?”  

And I usually get these questions AFTER someone has bought or sold a home, and missed out on this great savings program!  So, if you are in the housing market to buy or sell a home, make sure YOU don’t leave money on the table.

For home sellers, you will benefit from a 25% reduction in my listing commission.  Pretty simple: the savings is immediate! 

For home buyers, we have to do a little math since this is a nationwide program.  Because of different commission structures across the nation, Homes for Heroes® came up with a “one size fits all” solution: buyers receive .7% (that’s point seven percent) of the sales price of the home.  It is roughly 25% of my gross commission, but it is easier to apply for Homes for Heroes®.  SO, what does that mean?  Am I going to make you do math??  NO!  I’ll do the math for you.  Buy a home for $200,000, get a check for $1,400 in the mail 10-15 days after you close.  Boom!  No red tape, no catch, easy peasy. 

Buyer and Seller Heroes: You EARNED this reward!  How, you ask?  If you are or were in the military, if you work in law enforcement, if you are a first responder (firefighter or EMT), if you have a career in medicine or education, you are a HERO.  And as a “thank you” for your service to our country and our community, it is my pleasure to share a portion of my commission with you as a reward.

Doesn’t that sound simple?  Too simple?  NOPE.  That’s it.  Oh, wait – I did forget something:  if you work with one of my industry partners, you could save even MORE money!  If you are a seller, I partner with title companies who reduce their fees.  If you are a buyer, I partner with lenders who reduce their fees or pay some of your fees on your behalf.

Let’s have a conversation and see how much money you can save using Homes for Heroes®.  Give me a call!